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Gear Box Hard Protective Case

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Gear Box Hard Protective Case
  • IP68 Waterproof; Built To Last And Protects Its Components; Even For Longer Periods Underwater
  • Equipped With An Easy-Open; Dual-Throw Latch Cover; An O-Ring Seal And An Automatic Pressure Valve
  • Five-Foot Shockproof Standing And The Strength Of The Container Means It Can Take A Beating
  • Protect Whats Inside While Withstanding Up To A Five-Foot Fall Without Damage
  • Made Of Lightweight Polypropylene Fiberglass; It Remains Easy To Handle; Maneuver And Store
  • Pick And Pack Customizable Foam
  • Limited-Lifetime Warranty
  • 5-Liter GearBoxTM
  • Weight 2.76 lbs.
  • External Dimensions 12.6 in. X 9 in. X 4.4 in.
  • Internal Dimensions 11.8 in. X 7.5 in. X 3.5 in.

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