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Timing Cover Bolt Set

Holley Performance 

Timing Cover Hardware Kit

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Timing Cover Hardware Kit
  • This High-Mount Accessory Drive Has All Accessories Pulled Up And In Tighter Than Other Options
  • Fits Ford 7.3-Liter Godzilla Engine - Ideal For Engine Swap
  • Provides Additional Accessory Clearance For Swap Applications That Work With The Factory Rear Sump Oil Pan
  • Base Kits Allow For A/C And/Or P/S Delete And Choice Of Alternator
  • Complete Kits Include Everything Needed For The Most Common/Cost-Effective Combination
  • Includes New Front Main Seal And Installation Tool
  • Works With The Original Factory Crank Pulley/As Well As Aftermarket Damper/Pulleys
  • Relocates Heater Hose Connections Out Of Sight For A Noticeable Visual Improvement Over The OE Design
  • Alternator Options Do Not Require The Original Ecu Control To Function
  • P/S Pump With The Optional External Reservoir Is Ideal For Hydro-Boost Applications
  • Choose From Natural As-Cast Aluminum Or Black Finish

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