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  • BD Diesel
  • Holley EFI

Fuel Injector Driver Module

BD Diesel 

Fuel Injection Control Module

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Fuel Injection Control Module
  • Quicker More Affirmative Starts In Cold/Warm Weather
  • Critical Components Voltage/Temp Ranges Have Been Increased
  • Maximized Current Output w/o Setting An Overvoltage Code
  • Field Test Reports Indicate Better Throttle Response
  • Field Test Reports Indicate Slight Increases In Horsepower
  • Pre-Programmed And Ready To Install
  • 12 Month Or 12000 Mile Warranty

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Holley EFI 

Injector Driver Module

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Injector Driver Module
  • Eight easily programmable channels for precise injector control
  • Eight Pre-Programmed Injector Current Curves
  • Peak current settings from 4A to 10A
  • Hold current settings from 1A to 2.5A
  • Peak Hold Duration Settings From .5 to 1.0ms
  • Injector Test Fire Program For Quick Troubleshooting
  • 8 RGB LEDs Indicate Proper Operation As Well As Log Faults
  • Two Outputs Can Be Run To ECU To Datalog Injector Faults

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